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Our focus on creativity recognises the immeasurable value in learning a skill from scratch and the strategic planning and practical effort involved in doing so.


Our creativity workshops emphasise exploring and expressing a child’s potential through a range of activities including basic cooking and baking, sewing, knitting, drawing/painting and photography.

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Key objectives

  • To encourage logical thinking and ‘systematic linear progression’ where children are not simply memorising facts and details, but gaining a fuller and more meaningful understanding through practical application.

  • To provide a general focus on problem solving, adjusting and readjusting and having an increased precision and attention to detail to the task at hand.

  • To have confidence and pride in work by taking ownership of a task and enjoying the feeling of accomplishment.

  • To allow for freedom and independence, showing children underlying trust and embracing the behaviour expected of them without being explicitly told to do so.

  • To encourage patience and perseverance in seeing the results of weeks of hard work; taking away from a society obsessed with instant gratification and teaches that worthwhile things can be found through a more slow and steady process.

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