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What we do

Ubuntu Scotland’s vision is to see Scotland recognised as a country with complete equity in education. We can't change a young person’s past, but we can change the consequences this has on their future.


Ubuntu Scotland has identified that children, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, could benefit from further support outwith the standard academic agenda. Often their talent lies in other skills and they just need the opportunity to explore these.

We want to see every child leaving school with a set of basic life skills regardless of background, along with the confidence and determination to follow whatever further educational or career path they desire.


Our approach

Workshops & programmes

Ubuntu Scotland works with young people from P4 to S3, as we believe it is important to focus on the early years in developing key life skills. We partner with folk in the community to offer children and young people the opportunity to benefit from a series of workshops and programmes which provides practical learning experiences in life skills that will be invaluable in real-world interactions. Our workshops are based on five key learning areas of creativity, workplace, finance, mental wellbeing and social interactionOur work is concentrated in the most disadvantaged areas of Scotland, with every workshop free, accessible and adapted to meet the needs of every pupil.

Supporting whole families
We recognise the importance of involving families in our work and ensuring they are fully invested in their child’s learning. As a result, we hold regular social events bringing together pupils, families and partner organisations, to make sure we are all working towards shaping a brighter future for our next generation.

Community focus

Ubuntu Scotland is an opportunity to not only support children, but also the wider community. This is why all of our workshops will be carried out by community members – those with local knowledge, talents, strong skillsets and the passion to enhance the lives of the next generation. By doing this, Ubuntu Scotland makes sure that we are truly integrated in the community, both in what we teach and whom we support.

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