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Why we're here

After coronavirus, we are all living in a new era. Children and young people of all age groups have been affected by lockdown restrictions and interruptions in education – not simply on an academic level, but also in terms of social and creative development.


This is a prime opportunity to make real and necessary reforms to the way we consider education and the type of learning that our children and young people can best benefit from.

Ubuntu Scotland believes that society will never achieve true equality unless we first achieve both equity and equality of opportunity within our education system.

We must acknowledge that our education system requires improvements to support the future prospect of all children. We firmly believe that children are not statistics or targets to be fulfilled but instead should be considered valuable individuals, with rights and needs which must be supported for them to succeed.


Our philosophy

We are determined to empower our young people to be the change they want to see. Where wellbeing is prioritised for each child, a solid foundation is created allowing them to thrive in whatever areas they have talents and passion. Environment is critical and combined with a focus on equity within education, we will find the key to a child’s success.

There are many children in our society, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, kinship care or requiring additional needs support, who have little or no motivation to learn. Often, children don't see the point in school, or are not suited to purely academic study. As a result, many young people have a dim view of their future prospects.


We are passionate that children should never be labelled as not wanting to learn. Instead, they must be recognised as individuals with truly individual needs. 


Ubuntu Scotland teaches life skills in an environment where children and young people feel valued and their needs listened to. Our approach to learning and assessment is through practical, real-world situations to engage, equip and inspire. 

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