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Mental Wellbeing

At Ubuntu Scotland, we recognise the immeasurable value and importance of looking after personal mental wellbeing and the significance of this in positively approaching and dealing with real-world situations.

Our Mental Wellbeing workshops focus on measures around preventative mental health including self-care and mindfulness plans, breathing and coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations and counselling techniques to support emotional incidents that may occur.

Child Psycholgist
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Key objectives

  • To highlight the importance of early identification of mental health problems and eliminate the stigma of preventative techniques to tackle the growing crisis of undiagnosed and untreated children’s mental health.

  • To support young people to build emotional resilience to help cope with and bounce back from adversity and ultimately help to prevent the development of mental health problems in later life.

  • To develop self-awareness in the present moment with an attitude of kindness and utilising this inner positive strength to overcome difficult situations.

  • To encourage a sense of autonomy and independence so that young people feel that they are in control of, or can deal with the emotional aspects of their lives in an assured manner.

  • To recognise the importance of positive emotional wellbeing and happiness above all other aspects of life, and how having a trustworthy support network is vital.

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