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Our story

A message from our CEO and Founder

Ubuntu Scotland was an initial idea when I was twelve years old. Although grateful for the education I received, I was increasingly frustrated with the inequality and lack of equity within the classroom environment. I struggled seeing my friends and others in the community leaving school because they didn’t fit that traditional ‘academic mould’ and I sought to change this.


I have spent the past few years volunteering with those in the most disadvantaged communities across Glasgow and with children in kinship care, to provide individualised support to help keep them on par with others in school. These experiences, combined with the struggles these children faced over the pandemic in maintaining an interest in their studies, proved to me that the way we do things needs to change.


Every child is a wonderfully unique individual and their education must be individualised to their specific needs. I saw the only way of doing this is by introducing life skills to our young people; equipping them with the basic skills to thrive in whatever path they choose to take, whether that be academic or not.


I have been so lucky in the experiences I have had, and I want all young people to have access to those same opportunities. Ubuntu Scotland is my way of giving back.

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