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Social Interaction

Good social awareness and interpersonal skills can improve outcomes for an individual's life. This key area of our work focuses on humanity and teaches that our dealings with others can impact on our relationships.


Our Social Interaction workshops highlight the importance of kindness and gratitude, and having a strong sense of purpose. We also connect with other community organisations and groups with different backgrounds and social standings to embrace shared values and ethos.

Children in Library
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Key objectives

  • To establish and build a framework for positive relationships based on kindness, understanding and empathy.

  • To recognise the importance of good communication in all walks of life and how this underpins effective and constructive dealings with others.

  • To foster a friendly, respectful and inclusive environment through connecting with community groups. For example, the older generation can pass on their knowledge and experience, whilst the diverse communities such as asylum seekers/refugees can share their stories and teach cultural differences.

  • To understand the needs of others and the importance of active listening, creating an inclusive and supportive culture. 

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