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The Workplace strand of our work concentrates on creating and developing a foundation for future employment and skills necessary to both enter and succeed within the workplace environment.

Our Workplace workshops teach important skills for young people to have as they transition into working life. This includes areas such as writing techniques for CV, writing college/university and job applications, key interview skills, writing letters/emails, meeting etiquette, digital competences and self-management.

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Student Presentation

Key objectives

  • To create more opportunities and chances for young people by enabling them to have the necessary knowledge and understanding to access the employment sector.

  • To increase self-assurance when seeking work and having the confidence that success is achievable with the right input and attitude.

  • To encourage the use of initiative and ambition where young people actively go over and above what is required of them and expand their potential.

  • To learn to work effectively in teams, develop leadership skills and handle challenging and fast-paced environments effectively.

  • To enhance digital skills, develop these in practice and understand the importance of these competencies to aid in future exploratory, creative and communicative work.

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